Job Location: Brasov Bucharest Cluj Napoca Sibiu
Job Type: Full Time

Required language

German skills

Job description:

ITERGO Project for IBM’s ERGO Germany client, an insurance and reinsurance worldwide company which is part of a global insurance chain, has its scope in building, running, maintaining and supporting a new Cloud Platform solution, in order to automate and replace the old manual, paper-based methods which are currently still being used by the client.

Besides other applications which altogether are part of IBM Systems cluster (IMS/OMS, IB, BPMS, Batch, DWH)1, the Document Archive (DocArchive) Team focuses its activity on dealing with the below tools, serving in configuring, classifying and saving client documents:

  • FileNet P8 Platform
  • Content Platform Engine(CPE)
  • ACCE (Administrative Console for the Content Platform Engine )
  • ICN ( IBM content navigator)
  • SoapUI

The DocArchive’s team activity involves as well connection to OpenVPN, Remote Desktop and Apache.

MS Support is done in levels L1/L2/L3, whereby L1 is on customer-end via BMC tool, while L2 and L3 is on IBM side via Jira tool.
2nd Level (L2) agent with German language, working with Jira ticketing system and Confluence internal documentation tool; activity will be done in shifts covering working hours Mo-Fr from 07:00 a.m. until 20:00 p.m. Romanian time, on-call availability may be required occasionally as well.

Tasks 1st level-ERGO (L1):

  • Pre-analysis, description of the error
  • Forwarding the incident to IBM

Tasks Dispatching Team:

  • Identification of the affected system/sub-cluster based on pre-analysis by 1st level of ERGO and dependency matrix **
  • Forwarding to the appropriate assignment group

Tasks of the Incident Analyst in 2nd level Support (L2):

Intensive incident analysis and resolution of an incident. Definition of service recovery measures and introduction of the necessary measures such as:

  • Understanding incident creation, for example, through consultation with user or 1st level support of the ERGO/analysis of the operating manual/analysis of logs
  • Execution of an incident solution *
  • Creation and execution of a workarounds *
  • Introduction of a Request for Changes *
  • Forward incidents and problems to the problem management *
  • Update the AID/Service Guide with information about the incident
  • Providing an effective incident resolution according to priorities *
  • Identification of resolved Incidents for inclusion in the Known Error Database
  • Identification of resolved Incidents for inclusion in the Known Error Database x
  • Regular monitoring activities according to the Monitoring & Logging Concept * /**

Forwarding to 3rd level/BUILD (L3) if:

  • Permissions are missing
  • If existing knowledge in 2nd level is not sufficient and solution can only be provided by BUILD/3rd level.


* if necessary, depending on the knowledge available through KT Sessions & Operations manual as well as permissions
** still to be finalized by BUILD

IMS = Input Management System
OMS = Output Management System
IB = Integration Bus
BPMS = Business Process Management System
DWH = Data WareHouse

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